Manual Flax Seed and Grain Grinder Mill, 5.5", Black, 55 Junior Grain Manual Black Bicycle Hand Conversion with Seed and by Kit Mill Flax Deluxe Wonder Grinder Sprocket By Blossom

's Flax Seed Mill easily crushes and grinds flax seeds with a simple twist to release their beneficial superpowers. Packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and cancer-fighting lignans, flaxseeds are protected by a hardened exterior, much like a suit of armor. Crushing and grinding through that armor unlocks the health benefits of flaxseed. 's Flax Seed Mill is the best burr grinder for allowing complete control over grinding speed and preventing flaxseed oil from l is the best burr grinder for allowing complete control over grinding speed and preventing flaxseed oil from overheating. Flax seeds gently pass through the conical burr grinder, rather than being spun in circles, and, in a single contact, are ground into a flax seed meal with consistent texture and light, nutty flavor. On the contrary, using an electric spice grinder or coffee grinder that cyclones continuously in a circle can produce an uneven grind, leaving some seeds intact and overgrinding others. Seeds can overheat and expel their natural oils, resulting in a bitter, oily flavor. If grinding extra for future use, those ejected oils can spoil faster. 's manual grinder is easy to fill and simple to use. With both hands and grinding end facing downward, turn the top and bottom sections in opposite directions. Use a small bowl to catch the ground flax or grind directly over foods. The base automatically opens when grinding, then closes for a mess-free table and convenient storage, with flax seeds always at the ready. Simply refrigerate between uses to preserve freshness. Grind a little or a lot. Freshly ground flaxseed is a great addition to smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, salad, baked goods, like flax seed bread and flaxseed crackers and for creating quick healthy meals, for low carb, paleo, raw and vegetarian recipes. The Flax Mill grinds oatmeal and sesame seeds, too! Made from BPA-free polycarbonate with ceramic mechanism. Disassembles for cleaning. Top-rack dishwasher safe. read more