Chuzy Chef

Premium Wine Aerator Decanter, Bar Equipment for Whiskey & Wine, Aerating Wine Pourer, By Chuzy Chef

IMPRESS YOUR GUESTSDo you dream of impressing your guests by pouring them fine expensive wine at your dining room table? This premium wine aerator by Chuzy Chef can make dreams come true!The glass tubular design with a rubber stopper is not only an elegant piece for your table, this decanter transforms even cheap, inexpensive ordinary wine from mediocre to magnificent.HOW IT WORKSDoes this transformation sound like magic? It all comes down to a clever technology. Thagnificent.HOW IT WORKSDoes this transformation sound like magic? It all comes down to a clever technology. The aerating cavity in this wine aerator inserts bubbles into the wine being poured, which oxidizes it and enhances its taste.How so? The oxygen softens tannins, enhances natural aromas, brings out natural undertones, and smooths the texture of wine. That is how the wine develops a more enjoyable flavor, texture, and scent.A SPECTACULAR SENSORY EXPERIENCEThe aerating process not only improves the wine for your taste buds, it is also a pleasure to watch and hear. As the wine is poured through the glass tube, you can see and hear the bubbles forming. The bubbles appear to form a layer of “foam” which quickly evaporates to leave behind still wine as before, albeit with a better quality.EASY TO USEThis aerator features a tapered rubber stopper that fits over most wine bottles. It is leak proof and will conform to the size of the bottle mouth. The durable, high quality materials and design ensure it will not break easily. The ergonomic tilt and spout prevent the wine from splashing, so no need to worry about stained tablecloths, shirts dresses or suits.This decanting oxidizer is also easy to clean; simply twist to detach both pieces and rinse with water.Product features:• Rubber Stopper• Glass Aerating Spout• Ergonomic tilt• BPA Free• Leak Proof read more