Best Fondue Pots of 2019

Fondue pots are a fun way to make delicious melted foods. Our shopping guide is here to help you find the best fondue pot to create your favorite melted delicacies.

Shopping Guide for the Best Fondue Pots

Fondue pots are a fun way to make delicious melted foods. Whether you're entertaining or having a romantic dinner for two, simply heat up your fondue pot, melt your favorite recipe, and dip.

You may be new to fondue pots, or you may need some advice to pick the right one for your melting needs. But where do you begin?

At BestReviews, we're here to help. Our team researches, tests products, and compiles the findings into handy shopping guides. We never accept products from manufacturers, so our opinions are always our own. If you'd like to know more about the benefits and features of fondue pots, read on.

Benefits of Fondue Pots

Many Possibilities
Though cheese fondue may come to mind first, a fondue pot can be used to make numerous tasty recipes. Broths, oils, sauces, and dessert fondues, including chocolate and caramel, all pair nicely with a variety of dipping foods. Even meat can be prepared in a fondue pot if it is cooked at the correct temperature for the right amount of time.

Easy to Use
Fondue pots are available with different heating elements. Some fondue pots come with portable burners or can be used on the stovetop. Electric fondue pots are extremely easy to use; just plug them in. You can also go basic with a tea-light-powered ceramic fondue pot. Regardless, the concept is the same: Simply melt your favorite recipe to the appropriate temperature and dip whatever you desire.

Fun and Sociable
Fondue pots are a great way to share appetizers, snacks, or meals with others. Whether you're gathering around your fondue pot with your significant other or a group of friends, this nifty little appliance is made for entertaining.

Unique Cooking Experience
Cooking with a fondue pot is not only a unique way to prepare food, but it opens up new possibilities for enjoying warm dips, interesting main courses, and delicious desserts.

Cheese fondue is one of the most popular recipes to make in a fondue pot, and there are countless variations to try. Use your favorite cheese, and add a variety of extras, such as spices, vegetables, mushrooms, and more.

Fondue Pot Features

The majority of fondue pots are either ceramic or metal.

  • Ceramic: Ceramic fondue pots are affordable and ideal for cheese or dessert fondues because they're less likely to burn. However, because they operate with tea lights, they are not the best choice for food that requires higher temperatures. Also, they are small and better suited to serving one or two.
  • Metal: Metal fondue pots are usually made from stainless steel or cast iron. They tend to be electric or have portable burners. They have variable temperature controls and can be used for cooking meat. You can find metal fondue pots with 3-quart capacities, which is ideal for a party. Metal fondue pots are pricier, though, and get too hot for some fondues.

Many fondue pots come with extras like dipping forks. With ceramic fondue pots that are heated by tea lights, you'll need to cook some fondues in a saucepan before transferring them.

While some fondue pots run in the $100 range, high-quality models in the neighborhood of $20 to $50 are readily available.


Get Creative with Fondue Dippers

Though bread is commonly used to dip in fondue, think beyond your favorite loaf. Pretzels, crackers, pitas, sliced vegetables, and even different types of meat make tasty dippers. When it comes to dessert fondues, try dipping cookies, marshmallows, and fruit.


Q. I like the concept of a fondue pot for entertaining, but what about double-dipping? I don't want to share that much!
A. Those who have used a fondue pot are likely aware of an important rule—once you dip, that's it! If you plan to share with others who may not be aware of fondue etiquette, simply explain before you gather around the fondue pot.

Q. What's the best way to clean a ceramic fondue pot?
A. Because ceramic fondue pots typically have smooth, glazed finishes, they are fairly easy to clean. Warm water with dish detergent and a basic kitchen sponge work well. Not all models can be placed in the dishwasher, so be mindful of the cleaning instructions for your fondue pot.

Q. How are fondue forks and basic flatware forks different?
A. Fondue forks are made for dipping. They have long handles, typically nine inches or longer, to keep your hands a safe distance from the fondue pot's heating element and hot concoction.

Fondue pots with their own heating elements make it easy to cook fondue from start to finish. However, when it comes to candle-powered models, try melting your fondue in a pan on the stove before transferring it to the pot.