ESYNIC Vacuum Sealer Machine Food Preservation Vacuum Sealing Packing Machine with 20Pcs Sealer Bags

Feature:Vacuum Sealing & Seal Only :Automatic one touch vacuum seal mode and manual seal mode suit for vacuum packaging and general SEAL packing , By mixing and matching the two modes , even fluffy Foods can be vacuumed perfectly.Valuables Preservation & SOUS VIDE Cooking: Not only can keep the color, taste, smell and hydration of fresh fruits, nuts, meat, sweets and vegetables , but also useful for valuables , important documents , letters preservation and SOUS VIDweets and vegetables , but also useful for valuables , important documents , letters preservation and SOUS VIDE cooking.Safe and Easy to Use: Double capacitance overheat protection and noise reduction technology, no smoke, no safety worries. Hand free design, Intelligent LED indicator lights to show you the status of the sealing process.Portable & Durable: Lightweight and compact design, portable for home and outdoor usage. Durable premium ABS material, easy to clean.Vaccum bags included: Comes with 20 pieces high quality bags (7.8×9.8 inch/20×25 cm) which are reusable and freezer safe.Note: Do not fill the food exceeding the 2/3 of the sealed bag, so as not to affect the sealing effect.Specification:Power:220V-240VItem size:38 cm×7 cm×5 cm/15 inch×2.8 inch×2 inchItem weight:475 g/16.8 OZVacuum degree:40 KPASealing length:30 cm/11.8 inchPower cord length:120 cm/47 inch (without plug)Package Included:1 * Vacuum Sealer Machine1 * Manual in English20 * 7.8×9.8 inch/20×25 cm Heat-Seal BagsHow to use:Plug in the power cable. After the red light flickered twice, the green light will be on. That’s the preheat of the machine. NOTE: Please don’t leave the bag in the machine before the preheat. Otherwise the bag will be sealed and therefore the air can’t be vacuumed.Place the bag nice and flat into the machine chamber, cover the lid, and lock the buckles on both ends. NOTE: Please avoid the evacuation holes when you are placing the bag. The opening of the bag has to be in the machine chamber. The bag should not contain over 2/3 of its capacity, or the sealing position may not be flat and it’ll affect the vacuum extraction. Press the green button to start the vacuum extraction. NOTE: If you find the machine is not sucking enough air, you can press on the trade mark of the lid to increase the forces.When it reaches certain pressure rate, the green light will turn into red light for 3 seconds. The heating fuse will automatically heat up and seal the bag. The red light will be switched to green light and finally be back to red light. That means the process of sealing is finished. (Please wait 3 more seconds for wettish goods.) NOTE: After the vacuum extraction, if it keeps on showing green light, you can press the indicator light on the right hand side of the lid or press the sealing button to help the heat up.When the green light is on, turn on the air evacuation valve. Open the buckles on both ends, open and lid and take out bag. NOTE: Please don’t open the lid to take out the bag when the red light is on. Otherwise it will iron the sealing into 2 pieces.The packaging is completed. read more