Food to Live Certified Organic Wild Rice (Non-GMO, Bulk) (3 Pounds)

Organic Wild Rice: Sacred Grain of Native Americans Organic wild rice is a grain that comes from North America. For many centuries it has been the staple food of many Native American peoples. Some of them considered this food sacred and it takes a special place in their cultures even today. Food To Live brings you top-quality Organic Wild Rice grown, harvested, and processed with extreme care. This highly nutritious grain is a delicacy you can enjoy in both sweet aned, and processed with extreme care. This highly nutritious grain is a delicacy you can enjoy in both sweet and savory dishes. There are four species of wild rice plants today and three of them are native to America. Northern Wild Rice and Wild Rice are cultivated throughout the country. Texas Wild Rice is almost extinct in the wild. This plant has taken a severe blow from the climate change as it?s rapidly losing its natural habitat. Organic wild rice is a water plant and naturally grows only in flowing water. Therefore, droughts are a fatal threat to the grains. In 1951, Gerald and James Godward proved that it can be cultivated commercially by creating the first artificial wild rice paddy. It?s thanks to them today we have wild rice fields in Minnesota and California. Manchurian rice, the only species of the plant native to China, is also almost lost to people. Unlike its North American ??brother? this plant is mostly cultivated for its meaty stalk. Local people enjoy it as a vegetable and often discard seeds. Food To Live Certified Organic Wild Rice for Sale Organic, non-GMO Wild Rice from Food To Live is a certified product cultivated using only natural practices. It?s grown, harvested, and processed using the traditional methods, which allow preventing contamination by chemicals. Harvesting of organic wild rice is a rather interesting but exhausting process. The seeds are literally beaten out of the plants with special knockers. Afterward, they are dried and parched. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. read more