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Organic Red Maca Powder, 8 Pounds - Raw Ground Maca Root, Non-GMO, Fine Flour, Bulk - by Food to Live

What Is Organic Red Maca Powder? Organic Red Maca Powder from Food To Live is a high-quality superfood made from light-red and pink maca roots. This plant is a traditional Peruvian food, revered for its health benefits and nutritional value. Fertility of the Peru residents is often associated with their regular intake of maca powder. This plant has been known to mankind for centuries. However, it?€™s only recently that organic red maca powder became famous worldwiden to mankind for centuries. However, it?€™s only recently that organic red maca powder became famous worldwide as a superfood. The product truly is super-nutritious, giving you a huge boost of vitamins and minerals. It?€™s also one of the best sources of potent antioxidants. Organic Red Maca Root Powder from Food To Live Food To Live is dedicated to helping everyone enjoy healthy and delicious foods. Our Organic Red Maca Powder will allow you to boost any dish. Adding a spoonful of it to any recipe will increase the nutritional value of the food. This product is certified organic and perfectly safe as it doesn?€™t contain any toxins and dangerous contaminants. Our maca powder is non-GMO and processed in a way that allows preserving maximum nutrients. Food To Live guarantees quality of all our products. We source our raw materials only from trusted farmers and monitor the production process carefully. When buying from Food To Live, you can be sure that every pack contains 100% organic red maca root powder. Organic Red Maca Powder Vs. Yellow Vs. Black There are three types of maca, red, black, and yellow. Yellow is the most common, though red is the most popular as superfood. The reason for this is its higher antioxidant content and nutritional value. Although all types of maca are good for you and very nutritious, organic red maca powder has proven to be the most effective in its health benefits. It also has a mellow flavor, which is more pleasant than the taste of other powder types. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. read more