Gourmia Vacuum Sealer

Preserve, marinate & store your food for long periods of time in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer with Gourmia ¢â -â ¢s Vacuum Sealer & Food Preserver! You can save a ton of money when you buy in bulk, but how can you keep your purchases fresh to last a long time? This handy vacuum sealer lets you vacuum, seal and store foods safely for future use! Just thaw it out and use it when you ¢â -â ¢re ready to eat! About This Product: ¢â - ¢ Powerful Pump Motor With Exthaw it out and use it when you ¢â -â ¢re ready to eat! About This Product: ¢â - ¢ Powerful Pump Motor With Extra Vacuum Power ¢â - ¢ Versatile Functions With 8 Buttons ¢â - ¢ Compact: 370 X 150 X 74mm ¢â - ¢ Noise Reduction (Extra Low, Quiet Operation) ¢â - ¢ Stainless Steel Top Cover ¢â - ¢ Vacuum Speed: 12L/min ¢â - ¢ Led Indicator Lights To Show Operation ¢â - ¢ One Touch Operation ¢â - ¢ Turns Off Automatically ¢â - ¢ Works On Vacuum Canister ¢â - ¢ Vacuum Pressure Up to Max-0.80 Bar ¢â - ¢ Power Cord Storage ¢â - ¢ ETL Approved ¢â - ¢ Includes Marinator Bowl & Wine StoppersThis vacuum sealer can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition to preserving and storing foods you can use it to preserve spices and aromas into a dish or to create artisanal dry aged meats without having to to go to a high scale restaurant! At Gourmia we ¢â -â ¢re committed to providing you with the most customized cooking experience imaginable! That ¢â -â ¢s why this vacuum sealer features 8 versatile functions that can ¢â -â ¢t be beat! Choose from 8 different ways to preserve your food:-Vac & Seal-Manual Seal- Pulse- Canister- Gentle- Moist- Normal- DryThis vacuum sealer truly does it all and will transform the way you store food! Gourmia ¢â -â ¢s mission is to make everyday cooking easy, healthy and delicious. Our products deliver a higher standard of innovation, performance, and value and will make life in the kitchen fun and easy. read more