Gourmia Vacuum Sealer

Preserve the quality and shelf life of your perishable foods with Gourmia ¢â -â ¢s Vacuum Sealer today! Buying in bulk can save you a ton on money but perishable items will spoil quickly. This handy vacuum sealer lets you vacuum, seal and store foods safely for future use! Just thaw it out and use it when you ¢â -â ¢re ready to consume! About This Product: ¢â - ¢ Powerful Pump Motor w/ Extra Vacuum Power ¢â - ¢ 120V / 60Hz / 120W ¢â - ¢ Elegant Design, Lightweight ¢â - ¢ Powerful Pump Motor w/ Extra Vacuum Power ¢â - ¢ 120V / 60Hz / 120W ¢â - ¢ Elegant Design, Lightweight ¢â - ¢ Compact Size: 370x144x74mm ¢â - ¢ 30 cm Wide Vacuum Bags & Rolls ¢â - ¢ Vacuum Speed: 12L/min. ¢â - ¢ Wider Sealing w/ 2.5 mm ¢â - ¢ Food Selection Feature (choose dry, moist, delicate or soft) ¢â - ¢ Instant Seal Button ¢â - ¢ Exclusive Gear Motor & Powerful Piston Pump ¢â - ¢ Exclusive Gentle Switch For Soft Vacuum ¢â - ¢ Vacuum Pressure Up To 0.80 Bar ( -80 Kpa) Max ¢â - ¢ Works On Vacuum Canister & Other Accessories ¢â - ¢ Power Cord Storage ¢â - ¢ ETL Listed (Superior Wattage)The secret to the effectiveness of this vacuum sealer is in the state of the art design! This vacuum sealer can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition to preserving and storing foods you can use it to preserve spices and aromas into a dish that is being cooked to preserve flavor and texture and moist and flavorful end product. Try gourmet cooking techniques with this versatile vacuum sealer! Use your vacuum sealer to dry age beef for a flavor and texture that is associated with high scale restaurants right in the comfort of your own kitchen at a fraction of the cost! Try your hand at charcuterie without breaking the bank! With this kind of variety you can ¢â -â ¢t go wrong. Get your vacuum sealer today and find out what you ¢â -â ¢ve been missing! Gourmia ¢â -â ¢s mission is to make everyday cooking easy, healthy and delicious. Our products deliver a higher standard of innovation, performance, and value and will make life in the kitchen fun and easy. read more