Hodgson Mill Hodgson Mill Rye Flour, 5 lb

Flour, Rye, Whole Grain, Bag 5 LB Traditional. Stone ground. No preservatives, artificial coloring, flavoring, BHA or BHT. Whole grain. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Premium quality. Since 1882. Our premium rye flour is special because it is truly whole grain. When one pound of premium rye kernels goes into our traditional granite millstones, one pound of rye flour comes out. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Enjoy the distinctive taste of rye in claone pound of rye flour comes out. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Enjoy the distinctive taste of rye in classic deli rye sandwich breads, pumpernickel and artisan breads. This flour is also ideal for adding depth of flavor to traditional sourdough starters. Or, enjoy in rolls, crackers, cookies, pie crusts or pancakes! Rye Flour Baking Tip: Rye is naturally lower in gluten - the stretchy protein that gives breads their familiar rise and texture - than wheat. For best bread making results, combine with Hodgson Mill Best for Bread Flour, or try adding Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten when you bake. Loaves made with 100% rye may rise less and be more dense than those made with a combination of rye and wheat or additional wheat gluten. Have a grain day! Family owned since 1882. Great baking begins with great ingredients. For over 125 years, bakers have trusted us to provide premium quality flours and meals for their kitchens. The secret is simple: we start with premium grains and always treat them with care. To make this flour, we carefully grind whole rye kernels with traditional granite millstones to preserve all the goodness and flavor of the whole grain. No preservatives, artificial coloring, flavoring, or enrichments are even added. Thanks for caring enough to buy Hodgson Mill! The Whole Grain Difference: Whole grain flours include the nutritious bran and germ of the kernel - refined flours dont. Bran: Protective outer covering - fiber, B vitamins & trace minerals; Endosperm: Starchy inner core - energy, carbohydrates & protein; Germ: Tiny seedling inside grain - antioxidants, vitamin E & B). Look for the entire line of Hodgson Mill products in the flour, corn meal, cereal, pasta, side dish, baking mix and gluten free sections of your supermarket, or visit us online! HodgsonMill.com. 100% Whole Grain: 30 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. WholeGrainsCouncil.org. Our Customer Service Team is always happy to hear from you. Comments and questions welcome. Produced in a peanut/tree nut free facility. This product sold by weight, not by volume. Contents may have settled during shipping. Make it special. Bake at home. Recyclable. Baking Tip: Measure your flour carefully - dont scoop it, because that packs your measuring cup too full and makes your baked goods dense. Fluff the flour with a spoon and gently scoop into the measuring cup, and use a flat blade to sweep off any excess. Storage Tip: Store tightly sealed, and protect from heat and light. Airtight storage in refrigerator or freezer may help extend freshness. Bring to room temperature before baking. Produced on shared equipment. May contain traces of soy or wheat. Do not eat raw flour, dough or batter. 5 lbs (2.3 kg) 1100 Stevens Ave. Effingham, IL 62401 800-525-0177 read more