6 Smart Kitchen Gadgets to Shop on Cyber Monday

Make cooking more efficient—and fun—with these kitchen gadgets. From a Sous Vides to several smart home appliances, we rounded up our favorites that we hope will be on sale Cyber Monday.

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Joule Sous Vide

Experience a new way of cooking with this Joule Sous Vide. This device heats water and keeps it at a consistent temperature to cook your food to perfection every time. Its magnetic base sticks to any pot or pan, and can be controlled using Amazon Alexa or your smartphone.

Price: $199

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NutriChef Smart Meat Thermometer

Cook confidently at your next BBQ with this smart thermometer. From NutriChef, this gadget features two stainless steel probes you can insert (and leave) in any oven or grill. Its Bluetooth connectivity sends notifications to your smartphone, so you'll know when to check on steaks and patties. Get it for yourself, or grab one for the grill master on your shopping list.

Price: $49

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Hestan Cue Smart Fry Pan and Burner

If Williams-Sonoma offered a bundle deal on the Hestan Cue collection we would be ecstatic! The smart fry pan and induction burner work together to help you create delicious meals, and it also teaches you culinary skills. By using the Hestan Cue app, you'll have access to hundreds of chef-approved recipes and videos you can follow as you prep and cook. From how to make crispy salmon crusts to finding perfect sides, this smart duo has you covered.

Price: Pan $200, Burner $300

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Escali Smart Kitchen Scale

This smart kitchen scale doesn't just weigh your fruits and veggies. It also connects to your phone via Bluetooth and utilizes the Escali Smart Connect app to analyze nutrients and help you track foods. This nifty scale even keeps a food journal so you know exactly what you're consuming, and how it impacts your overall health.

Price: $70

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AmazonBasics Microwave

We can't wait to see which smart home products have special Cyber Monday deals, and the AmazonBasics Microwave is just one of the electronics on our wish list. Compatible with Alexa, you can defrost vegetables, reheat leftovers, pop popcorn, and more with just your voice. After its release on November 14, we are sure it will be in high demand. But you can always preorder the smart microwave to beat the crowd—or wait and see if it goes on sale November 26.

Price: $60

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Coravin Wine Preservation System

This wine preservation system allows you to enjoy your favorite red or white wines leisurely. Its teflon-coated stainless steel needle punctures the cork, while its trigger pressuirizes the bottle to allow liquid to pour out. No fussy corkscrews, no needing to drink it all in one sitting, and no oxidation concerns—yup, it's vino's dream. But $300 is a bit steep, so our fingers are crossed for a Cyber Monday deal!

Price: $300 (usually $350)

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