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Alkaline Teas: Wake Up Slimmer, Feel More Energized and Reduce Stress with Delicious Herbal Infusions and Healing Tea Recipes (Alkaline Drinks, Alkaline Diet for Beginners)

Sick and Tired of FEELING Sick and Tired?Trying to eat healthily yet getting little to no results?Wondering why you're always feeling tired and can't focus? You go for another cup of coffee, but it seems like it's not really helping you at all.Oh and're always craving sweets and unhealthy foods. And it's just hard for you to eat a clean food diet. You feel like you're doing something wrong...:( Luckilly there is a way out...The SOLUTION is easier than et. You feel like you're doing something wrong...:( Luckilly there is a way out...The SOLUTION is easier than you think...You's NOT only about what you eat.It's MOSTLY about what you drink.The best way to get out of the vicious cycle of feeling tired and heavy is ALKALINE hydration. When you stay hydrated, you naturally start craving healthy foods (just like you crave sweets and sugar when you're dehydrated). And the simplest and MOST EFFECTIVE  way to get more alkaline hydration on a busy schedule is through ALKALINE TEAS.So what are ALKALINE TEAS and how/ why they can help you? It's actually super simple. Alkaline teas are all kinds of nutritious and delicious herbal infusions that are:-caffeine free or very low in caffeine,-sugar-free +- super-rich in vitamins and minerals (hence, you instantly feel more energized)And so, by enjoying a nice cup of alkaline tea on your break, you give your body optimal hydration and nutrients it needs to stay energized and help you thrive.The BEST part?-Alkaline teas are easier to prepare and less expensive than smoothies or juices.-They can easily be made and enjoyed at work and will surely mesmerize your colleagues with its amazing flavors and colors.-No fancy equipment is required.Inside the book, you will find dozens of alkaline tea recipes, both warm and ice tea recipes alongside with some bonus recipes (alkaline green smoothies + herb & fruit infused water recipes).You will quickly discover which recipes are best for you.You see, some recipes:- are great for weight loss,-some can help you strengthen your immune system and fight colds - some will help you drink less coffee without feeling like a zombie +-some recipes make you feel relaxed  (perfect to unwind after a busy day)With Alkaline Teas you will learn exactly which recipes you should be following and why.And if you don't want to quit your coffee that's fine too because you will find a ton of recipes to help you create a healthy balance so that you don't deplete your body of vital nutrients and minerals.Alkaline Teas is your quick, personalized guide to optimizing your health and life with delicious and nutritious alkaline drinks.Join thousands of others who are using Alkaline Teas to lose weight, have more energy and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Order your copy today:) See you inside! read more