Jim Beam

Cast Iron Pan, Jim Beam Cast Iron Superior Heat Retention Fajita Pan with Wooden Trivet, Pre-Seasoned Ideal For Barbecuing and Camping

PRE SEASONED CAST IRON : A good seasoning makes all the difference. Jim Beam provides pre-seasoned cookware with no synthetic chemicals; just soy based vegetable oil. The more you use your iron, the better the seasoning becomes.USE ANYWHERE : Jim Beam Cast Iron Products can be used anywhere, grill, campfire, gas, oven, electric, induction or glass. Do not use in microwave, do not use in dishwasher, hand wash is preferred.FAMILY SIZE : The Cast Iron Grill Pan Dimensie in microwave, do not use in dishwasher, hand wash is preferred.FAMILY SIZE : The Cast Iron Grill Pan Dimensions are : 16" x 10" x 0.75", the Wood Trivet is 16" x 10.75" x 0.4", and the set weighs 9 Lbs, of good quality Cast Iron that can last for Generations.RIDGED SURFACE : The ridged surface allows you to get those perfect grill marks while draining the excess fat away.FOOD PREPARE AND SERVE : The Jim Beam Pan lets you prepare your food, like steak, or chicken or fish, over the stove or in an oven or on a BBQ, and the wood trivet helps you serve your delicious masterpiece, the pan is big enough to serve a meal for 2.Durability: Cast iron is incredibly durable. In fact, it’s not unusual for a cast iron pan to be used for decades without showing much wear or tear.Nonstick: Another benefit of Jim Beam cast iron is that when it’s seasoned and used regularly, it’s fairly nonstick, for cooks who prefer to avoid potentially harmful nonstick substances, the nonstick properties of cast iron are a huge plus.Oven-Ready: If you enjoy cooking stovetop-to-oven recipes, you’ll appreciate the fact that Jim Beam cast iron works just as well inside the oven as it does on top of the stove. Not only that, it’s perfectly usable over a campfire or other open flame.Induction-Ready: Jim Beam Cast iron works on induction stoves. Many stainless steel, copper, glass, and aluminum pans do not offer this benefit.Imparts Iron: The Jim Beam Cast iron even has a health benefit: uncoated cast iron tends to leach small amounts of iron into food as it cooks. This is a big plus for those with iron-deficient anemia – or anyone who needs more iron in their diet. read more