Juice Diet: The Essential Juice Diet Plan: Juice Diet Cookbook And Juice Diet Recipes - eBook

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to lose weight and improve your overall health by opting for a week or more of juice dieting. Not all diets are effective in the weight-loss arena. Juice diet gained its popularity back in early 2013 because of celebrities endorsing the diet, like the sweet and sexy Miranda Kerr. There are certain steps to maximize the effect of juice diet. This book aims to explain to you every little bit there is to know about o maximize the effect of juice diet. This book aims to explain to you every little bit there is to know about the juice diet, along with tested and proven recipes that will help you kick-off your cleansing.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll LearnEssentials of Juice DietFun FactsJuice Recipes You Cant Help But LoveFood Safety RemindersTips in Juice Dieting to Lose Weight EffectivelyMuch, much more!Essentials of Juice DietYou probably have heard about a weight-loss diet that requires you to only have juice and water all day. Yes, thats juice diet.Juice diet, also known as juice fast or juice cleanse, is a weight-loss diet plan that detoxifies the body, first and foremost, to get rid of unwanted fats and to boost its health. It is all about consuming nothing but water and freshly squeezed juice from different fruits and vegetables. The nutrients that comes with juice dieting is from the concoction of fruit and vegetable juice cocktails so youre not just having one food group in one meal, youre actually having a full-course meal in juice form.Praised by many and criticized by some, juice cleanse certainly has ups and downs. Although like any other diet plans, its not for everybody. Below are the established advantages and disadvantages of juice dieting.AdvantagesIt completely detoxifies the body.We already know that all that smoking, alcohol and junk foods are causing our organs to malfunction. Although the body can technically do this on its own, juicing can help it completely detoxify faster, making it good as new. When your body is on "auto-detox" it can leave some things behind, juice diet can help get those things out to help you get healthier and lose weight faster.It allows the liver to rest.Your liver is responsible for keeping the toxins away from your system. Everything that we take in is digested by the gut, whatever toxin we have taken in is directed to the liver. This way, the toxins dont get distributed to the blood and to the other organs. read more