Grill Mat Non Stick Baking Mats Reusable BBQ Liner Cooking Sheet 4 & Brush Clip

Max Color Set with BBQ Brush & BBQ ClipFREE SHIPPING & USA SELLER & U.S. Veterans Owned Biz.Product Description4 BBQ Grill Pad With Free BBQ Clip & Brush PTFE Fiberglass Heat Resistant BBQ Pad, FDA Approved Non-Stick Barbecue Pad, Healthy CookingDimensions: The BBQ Mat is 40 x 33 CM.PERFECT GRILLING EVERY TIME: With the grill mat you can perfectly grill everything every time! The grill mat is completely non-stick and it makes barbecue easy even for beginners! The maything every time! The grill mat is completely non-stick and it makes barbecue easy even for beginners! The mat will help you grill everything from pork chops and chicken to shrimps and thinly cut vegetables. The food will never fall through the cracks and it will be cooked to perfection!KEEP YOUR GRILL CLEAN AND SHINY: The grill mat will not just help you grill the juiciest steaks, it will keep your grill protected and clean at all times! The mat is perfect for charcoal, propane, gas, electric and other kind and brand of grill. It is heat resistant and fireproof and can stand temperatures of up to 500F! Your grill will be clean and shiny and as good as new, it will never have burnt fat and debris on it again!EASY TO CLEAN: Forget about grill mats that make it even harder to clean than if you didn’t have one. This grill mat is very easy to rinse off and it is even dishwasher safe! Just place the mat in the dishwasher and that will be clean as new! After you wash it, it will be dry and ready to use in no time!HEALTHY GRILLING: The mat is the perfect way to grill the juiciest meat and the most delicious seafood and veggies without using any additional fats and calories. The mat will keep the juices and the natural oils on the surface instead of letting them drip through the cracks and it will make your food delicious without any oil or butter.GUARANTEED QUALITY: Our grilling mats are made with the highest quality PTFE fiberglass and it is PFOA free and FDA approved. We are certain that our mats will give you the best grilling experience but if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund! read more