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Lava Tools Lavatools Javelin PRO Folding Thermometer in Sesame

Lavatools Javelin PRO Folding Thermometer in SesameJavelin is the new standard in cooking thermometers. It’s hard to believe that something so simple can be so useful. Javelin PRO is designed from the ground up to conquer any kitchen task you can throw at it giving you precise readings for everything from pulled pork to pourovers.FEATURES:Magnetic back: Integrated magnetic backing allows you to attach the Javelin to your oven or refrigerator for convenient storage.Agrated magnetic backing allows you to attach the Javelin to your oven or refrigerator for convenient storage.Antimicrobial: Exterior is impregnated with proven Zeomic silver-based antimicrobial additive to inhibit pathogen growth.Splash resistant: Splash resistant construction saves the Javelin from minor spills and kitchen mishap.degrees F/ degrees C Configurable:The Javelin is available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius modes.Antimicrobial Coating: Anti-microbial additive is incorporated into the shell of the product for protection against pathogens.Sleep Mode: Sleep mode helps the device save on power by automatically going to sleep after 60 minutes of inactivity.No Calibration Needed: Our products will be accurate within the speci ed accuracy range during the product’s lifetime.NSF Certified: Complies with international food-safety guidelines such as being free of lead mercury cadmium.Ultra-high performance: Our engineers have supercharged the Javelin PRO by bringing it’s response time down to a blistering 3 seconds. With an accuracy of ±0.9degrees F it’s performance is unrivaled.Intelligent stabilization: On-demand intelligent software alerts you when the stable temperature is reached and holds it via an audible chime. No more twisting your neck and guessing for readings.Buttonless touch sensor: Integrated touch sensors allow you to wake the PRO if it’s been left out and gives you easy access to Intelligent Stabilization backlight and MIN/MAX. Also it gives Javelin PRO’s clean and streamlined design.Antifog display: Hydrophobic antifog coating keeps the display crystal read more