Maxi-Matic Elite Stick Blender

Maxi-Matic EHB1000 Elite Stick BlenderIf you're looking to enjoy your favorite blended drinks and foods without all the mess and storage troubles, check out the Maxi-Matic EHB1000 Elite Stick Blender. This unique design lets you quickly and easily whip together just about any food or drink you want, from smoothies to shakes, sauces and more. Cleanup is quick and easy because you can simply blend your food or drink right in the container it's going to be stored in.Ea and easy because you can simply blend your food or drink right in the container it's going to be stored in.Easy to get nutritious drinks and foodWith a compact and convenient blender like this in the kitchen, it's easier than ever to have good, healthy food and drinks for yourself and your family. Stop buying all those fruit drinks with added sugars and enjoy the simple and nutritious flavors of nature!Stainless steel blade assemblyWhen you buy an appliance, you naturally expect that it will last you through repeated usage. This blender's blade assembly is made from stainless steel, a resilient and durable material that will continue to make you great drinks for a long time to come.Simple operationNo hassle, no fuss - just great fresh juices and smoothest when you want them. This blender is operated with one simple button which gives you quick, controlled blending. You don't need to learn any complicated functions or features to get great drinks anytime.150 wattsUnique stick blender designEasy to storeSimple operationStainless steel bladesGreat for smoothies, shakes, sauces, and more150 wattsTired of fussing with cheap, weak blenders that just don't have the power you need? With 150 watts of power behind this blender you won't find the blades getting stuck on thick fruits and vegetables. It will power through anything you throw at it.Blends right in the containerLessen your cleanup and make the whole process easier with this type of stick blender. You can use it to blend your foods or juices right in the container they'll be consumed from or stored in. You'll have less mess to clean up afterwards and fewer steps between you and your favorite drinks or foods.Easy storageWith this unique stick blender design, storage is no longer a problem. You don't have to worry about moving things around to try to make space for your blender or fussing with pulling it out of the cupboard whenever you need it. It can fit easily into just about any drawer, cupboard, or countertop space. read more