NutriChef Sous Vide Slow Cooker - 11 in 1 Steamer Stainless Steel High-Pressure Multi Cooker Crock Pot w/ Digital LCD Display, 11 Preset Cooking Modes, Sous Vide Cooking Mode, 6.5 Quart - PKPC35

NutriChef Model : PKPC35 Digital Kitchen Multi-Cooker Oven Countertop Oven Multi-Cooker Pro with Easy Crock Oven Cooking Presets, Sous Vide Mode, Digital Display (Stainless Steel) Features: Compact Countertop Cooker Multifunction Crock Oven Pot Design Cooking Made Easy: Hassle-Free & Easy to Use Versatile Food Prep: Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Food Steamer, Food Warmer, Saute Roaster Slow Cook, Bake, Steam, Roast, Saute & Stew & More Features the Unique 'Sous Vide' Cood Warmer, Saute Roaster Slow Cook, Bake, Steam, Roast, Saute & Stew & More Features the Unique 'Sous Vide' Cooking Mode Ability to Pre-Heat & Keep Meals Ready-to-Serve Large Capacity, Whole Family Meal Preparation Enclosed Cooking Style Preserves & Enhances Natural Food Flavors Healthy Food Benefits: Retains Vitamin & Mineral Nutritional Values Sleek, Next Generation Multicooker Kitchen Style Front Panel Digital Display Screen with Easy Rotary Control (11) Built-in Preset Cooking Functions Adjustable Time & Temperature Settings Kitchen Timer Alarm Notification Simple Electric Plug-in Design Transparent Tempered Glass Lid Cover Stainless Steel & Stain-Resistant Housing Removable Non-Stick Aluminum Inner Cooking Pot Safe for Placement on Any Kitchen Table or CounterWhat's in the Box: Multi-Cooker Oven Removable Inner Cook Pot Roasting Rack Sous Vide Rack Glass LidTechnical Specs: High-Powered Heating Element: 1500 Watt Temperature Setting: 115-395° Fahrenheit (46-201° Celsius) Cook Pot Capacity: 6.5+ Quart Maximum Cooking Time Setting: 72 Hours Construction Material: Stainless Steel Housing, Aluminum Inner Pot Power Cable Length: 3.0’ ft. Supply Power: 120V Dimensions: 16.7’’ x 11.8’’ x 10.2’’ -inches The NutriChef Digital Multi-Cooker provides convenient food prep the whole family will enjoy! Compact countertop crock oven design features built-in preset cooking functions for time and energy efficient meals. This versatile multifunction cooking system combines several kitchen appliances for an all-in-one, lean and mean cooking machine! Simple electric plug-in design allows you to choose from 11 different cooking modes -- along with the unique Sous Vide Mode, that turns every bite into a savory mouth-watering food experience! Create your own cuisine when you use the oven as a slow cooker, rice cooker, food steamer, roaster or stew maker. Additional cooking features include front panel digital display screen, adjustable time and temperature settings, kitchen timer alarm notification, along with a removable large capacity non-stick aluminum inner cooking pot. Enjoy convenient kitchen style and versatile meal prep ability with the NutriChef Countertop Multicooker Oven. read more