Organic Pinto Beans, 5 Pounds - Kosher, Non-GMO, Organic, Raw, Sproutable, Vegan, Bulk - by Food to Live

Certified Organic Pinto Beans (Non-GMO, Bulk) Organic Pinto Beans: Low-Fat, Healthy, Nutritious Pinto beans are the most popular legumes in the US. For many years, they were a staple food of the southern states. Organic Pinto Beans from Food To Live give you all the benefits of this extraordinary food without any toxic contaminants. These beans are also extremely popular in Mexico and many areas of the South America. They are the legume you?ll most often encounter iemely popular in Mexico and many areas of the South America. They are the legume you?ll most often encounter in burritos. Organic pinto beans have been cultivated since 3000 B.C. At that time, all foods were organic as there were no chemicals to contaminate them with. Today, you?ll need to look at the label to make sure the seeds are non-GMO and toxin-free. Pinto beans are called poroto frutilla throughout the South America, which means ??strawberry bean?. Organic Pinto Beans: Bulk from Food To Live If you want to be sure that beans you consume are certified organic, buy Organic Pinto Beans from Food To Live. Grown by environmentally conscious farmers and processed at a top-notch organic certified facility. Our pinto beans are delicious, nutritious, and safe. They are free from any contaminants and GMO. You can easily buy Organic Pinto Beans bulk as this product can store for many months. It?s a product fit for long-term food storage as long as you manage to maintain suitable environment. This means keeping the place very dry and cool. You can also freeze your Organic Pinto Beans bulk pack unopened and its shelf life will be nearly indefinite. However, re-freezing them will affect the texture and reduce nutritional value of the product. Why Buy Organic Pinto Beans When it comes to organic pinto beans, calories aren?t a concern as this food has a fantastic value-to-calories ratio. This alone is a good reason to add this food to your diet. Other reasons include their high fiber and easily digestible protein contents. read more