Savora Stainless Steel Winged Corkscrew Wine Opener -Persimmon

This tool features a soft, built-in collar that helps to guide, center and seat the corkscrew.The corkscrew’s tensioned, streamlined arms stay secure until needed, and allow the corkscrew to stand upright.The tool’s wings and head are crafted from chrome-plated cast zinc alloy and the body features durable, gloss ABS.The corkscrew makes an ideal addition to a home bar or kitchen.This product comes packed in an elegant gift box.About SavoraArresting design, super to a home bar or kitchen.This product comes packed in an elegant gift box.About SavoraArresting design, superior performance, and graceful sophistication are the hallmarks of Savora. Our provocative, exuberant approach to the everyday is evident in every product we create. The evocative name has the resonance of allure and the exotic. The name connotes the romance of food culture and our emotional connection with food. Savora represents a high function, progressively designed line of products conceived to let consumers enjoy the richness and fullness of cooking. Welcome to Savora.Our ProductsElevate your food preparation to a new level. Savora’s alluring lines are designed to perform. The collection expresses bold, high-function design and invokes the artistry used to design it. That’s because each tool was created around the principle of combining superlative function with graceful design. Our designers long study of the complexities and shape of the human hand and user needs combined with technical achievement created Savora’s sensory driven design. The result is a look and fit so arresting, you’ll think it was designed just for you. Because it was. Savora is designed to quicken the pulse, and complement your love of cuisine and food culture. The fluid silhouettes of each item promise performance for the most discriminating culinary preparation. Available in a set of saucy colors so contemporary, you’ll want to leave them out in the kitchen. Cooking is a zesty expression of art and personality – express yourself with Savora. Cook with sizzle.Savora Black Noir Dishwasher Safe Winged Corkscrew : 5118215 read more