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The Worm Factory 360 Worm Composter - Terra Cotta

New Terra Cotta color looks great in the backyardUnique self sorting upward migration worm binMade in the USA from 100% food-grade virgin plasticMeasures 18L x 18W x 24.5H inchesTray interior dimension: 16L x 16W x 5H in.Instruction video included - great for beginners! Please note: worms are not included but can be added during checkout.. Additional features: Odorless operation with Thermo Siphon Airflow design Recycles kitchen waste and junk mail into compost Use s: Odorless operation with Thermo Siphon Airflow design Recycles kitchen waste and junk mail into compost Use indoors during winter and outdoors in summer Improved lid and base design Holds up to 8 trays - largest worm composter of its kind 20-year warranty on parts and workmanship While it's similar in design to the popular Worm Factory 4-Tray Composter (CAD002) The Worm Factory 360 Worm Composter - Terra Cotta features a thicker sturdier design with an improved base and lid. And the new Terra Cotta color looks great in any outdoor setting. This composter can hold up to 8 trays instead of 7 and it includes a handy compost accessory kit featuring a coir brick hand rake scraper and thermometer which make maintaining your system cleaner and easier. It even comes with an instruction video that's great for beginners. The Worm Factory 360 composter also features new Thermo Siphon Airflow design which allows air to enter on all four sides of the base exposing the bottom tray to an endless supply of fresh air without allowing light inside. The lids is also vented on all four sides which allows the heat and gases generated during composting to continually escape through the top. Ideal composting conditions occur at temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We suggest using your composter outdoors during the summer and indoors during the winter to maximize efficiency. At capacity this composter can house over 6 000 worms which can consume 5-8 lbs. of food and paper waste per week. Purchase includes: Base 4 stacking trays Worm tea collection tray Spigot Lid Coir Brick Assembly screws Hand rack Scraper Thermometer Instruction book Instruction video What is The Worm Factory 360 and how does it work?The Worm Factory is a multi-tray worm composter that helps manage the composting process. Fill each stacking tray with kitchen scraps such as newspaper junk mail vegetables fruits egg shells coffee grounds paper and cardboard into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Many experienced gardeners consider worm castings to be the very best compost available. Your plants will thrive with this all-natural compost. With ordinary worm composters sorting out the undigested scraps can be a messy inconvenient chore. Not with the Worm Factory 360. In this composter worms start in the bottom tray and migrate upward as they break down waste. This allows worms to separate themselves from the finished compost making it easy to access your nutrient-rich fertilizer and add it to plants and gardens without sorting worms. Additionally nutrient-rich moisture is captured in the collection tray and can be drained using the spigot and used to feed plants. This all-natural liquid fertilizer is known as worm tea. What are the benefits of using The Worm Factory? The Worm Factory is Compact: With its square design and small footprint The Worm Factory 360 is a solution for anyone with limited space. This composter uses a tray stacking system that allows it to hold the largest capacity of compost in the smallest amount of space. The Worm Factory 360 is Odorless: The vented lid and base allow proper air flow and the detailed instruction manual helps you correctly manage your Worm Factory 360 to prevent odor. Odorless functionality means you can use your Worm Factory year round housing it anywhere including apartments kitchens garages porches or other convenient areas. The Worm Factory is Easy to Manage: The 16-page instruction manual ensures fast easy setup and provides detailed instructions on all-season management. Each tray holds 12.5 lbs. of compost which makes lifting and arranging trays effortless. The ventilation lid also contains a list of composting tips for quick convenient reference. The Worm Factory Saves Time: Let The Worm Factory do the work for you! Instead of spending time turning piles of compost and removing worms by hand the multi-tray system separates the worms from the compost so you don't have to. Also because the worms continually eat through your kitchen scraps and junk mail nutrient-rich compost is produced at a faster rate than traditional ways of composting. In full operation the Worm Factory houses over 6 000 worms and consumes 5 to 8 lbs. of food a week allowing you to harvest a full tray of nutrient-rich castings every month. This allows you to bring rich dark compost to your plants and gardens at a faster rate. read more