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The Urban Vegetarian Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Please do not confuse The Urban Vegetarian Cookbook, Second Edition, with the popular recent TV show hosted by Desiree Nielsen and coincidentally given the name, The Urban Vegetarian. And may all of us vegetarians join in encouraging this diet which is healthy for body and soul. The Urban Vegetarian Cookbook, Second Edition (368 pages) was authored by Nancy Forte, with the assistance of her beloved husband, James Forte, at the urging of family and friends. A CompendForte, with the assistance of her beloved husband, James Forte, at the urging of family and friends. A Compendium of Elegant and Easy Recipes and Menus. Recipe preparation ranges from the easy and quick to the gourmet and elaborate. Recipes based on traditional cuisines. Recipes with no meat, fish or eggs or onions or garlic and a few with dairy. Very low salt recipes. NEW to cookbooks! URBAN VEGETARIAN’S MAGIC MENU PLANNING GUIDE. Elegant, speedy, low fat recipes and menus. Helpful suggestions for those just exploring vegetarian meals. Easy to follow recipes … “very well organized” … “very intelligent” … (user comments) Putting it together for the experienced vegetarian. Introduction The Urban Vegetarian Magic Menu Planner & Sample Menus Group 1: Carbohydrate/Protein Dishes Macaroni Rice, Potatoes, Cracked Wheat Soups Group 2: Protein Dishes Legumes Mushrooms Tofu Group 3: Vegetable Dishes Group 4: Salads Group 5: Desserts Group 6: Specialties Most of the recipes are the authors’ creations, but they have also included some traditional gems passed on to them by their families, as well as some of their versions of traditional dishes from many traditional cuisines around the world. A new and unique feature of The Urban Vegetarian Cookbook is the “Magic Menu Planner” which opens the cookbook. It is followed by sample menus, and then the recipes themselves organized into groups so that you can easily select dishes from each of the recipe groups noted in the “Magic Menu Planner” to build a balanced vegetarian meal. As the authors have said, “Our greatest joy is sharing what we have learned as happy vegetarians--how to have a healthy, varied, and delicious cuisine.” Readers/users comments: “Very impressive indeed … What a work of wonder … “cooking gem” … Thank you ever so much for the beautiful cookbook with the great variety and specificity of the recipes in addition to the alluring personal touch. We are looking forward to some excellent vegetarian meals … Beautiful, mouth-watering, grand cookbook. The recipes are so outstanding and will allow us to nourish not just our bodies, but our souls as well. We will treasure it always! … The book looks delicious in many ways: the color, the design, the photo of you two, and the recipes, all of the above are the great presentation of the hard work and intelligence you two achieved … Many of the recipes look very appealing, even to us non-vegetarians … It is beautifully done and the recipes look fantastic … It’s obvious that a lot of work and dedication went into the making of this latest edition … Love your cookbook! Am trying more veggie dishes and they are great … We’re thrilled to have the new cookbook and marvel at the amount of work it must have taken to produce it. [My husband] enjoys having me read selections to him … I wanted to let you know I got the cookbook and I’m so excited to get started! We all know food is love, and I love to cook … That cookbook is quite an undertaking! Wow!! Lots of great recipes for me to try. All sound so good … It looks wonderful … It is a beautiful book, as well as being filled with wonderful recipes and information. … Will enjoy using the recipes for a healthier diet. … Amazing and wonderful cookbook! Wow!! That was quite an undertaking!! I love to cook so it will be fun to look through and pick and choose. It is always nice to try something different. … Full of memories and creativity. … Your amazing cookbook - So many wonderful new ideas and some that evoke memories of Nonna.” read more